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Switching Up Your Skin Care Routine For Winter

Switching Up Your Skin Care Routine For Winter

Taking care of your skin is important year-round but your skin’s overall needs are going to be different in the summer months compared to the winter months.   Therefore, adjusting your skincare routine as the seasons change is necessary to maintain your skin’s overall health and appearance.

During the winter months, we’re facing colder temperatures, harsh winds, and dry air.  These conditions can be damaging and dehydrating to the skin.  But don’t worry….. switching out your current skincare routine for a winter one is simple.  

Follow these tips on putting together a great winter skincare routine:

Tip #1 – Switch to a cream- based or oil- based cleanser.

Switching your foaming or gel cleanser to a cream or oil-based cleanser can leave the skin feeling more hydrated.  Your skin will already be dry, so you want to avoid stripping it of any more moisture.  Soap-free, non-foaming cleansers have a neutral pH so they don’t disrupt the acidic pH of your skin and they are much less drying.

Tip #2 – Incorporate a facial toner into your routine.

Use of a facial toner helps to balance your skin’s pH level and strengthen it’s barrier.  And, applying a facial toner before your moisturizer can also improve absorption.

Tip #3 – Step up your moisturizer!  

Switch your light moisturizer to a richer, more emollient one.  Layering is also great when it comes to moisturizing.  After cleansing and toning, try layering a nourishing facial serum or face oil underneath your moisturizer. 

Tip #4 – Exfoliate dead skin cells.

Winter conditions can leave the skin looking dull.  It is important to exfoliate dry skin (once or twice a week) with light acids or enzymes.  These are chemical exfoliants versus the physical exfoliants (scrubs), which can be a bit harsh in the winter.  Exfoliating helps to remove the top layer of dead skin, remove impurities, decongest the skin and reveal healthier looking skin!  

Tip #5 – Daily use of a good broad-spectrum SPF.

Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer.  When outdoors for prolonged periods of time, remember to reapply at least every 2 hours.  

Tip #6 – Protect your lips with a good lip balm.

Cold temperatures, freezing winds, and dry air can take a major toll on your lips so make sure to keep them protected with a super-hydrating, nourishing lip balm to prevent them from drying out and getting chapped.

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