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Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Denver

Laser Hair Removal

Stop the painful waxing, tweezing, harsh chemicals, and shaving with our laser hair removal treatment! We use the latest technology to provide fast, efficient, and safe laser hair removal.

Laser Beauty Works utilizes the Candela GentleMax Pro lasers to provide customized results for every skin type. Whether your skin tone is light or dark, our hair removal systems can provide a safe and permanent hair reduction solution.

If you’re ready to look and feel amazing, it’s time to try hair reduction laser treatment at Laser Beauty Works. Schedule your FREE first consultation with us today. We look forward to meeting you!


Laser Hair Removal

Laser Beauty Works Hair Removal Services

How Candela Laser Hair Removal Works

Each hair follicle has a pigment. During a laser Candela hair removal treatment, a beam of light targets the pigment, which turns off the follicles that are currently in an active growth stage. Because follicles will enter the growth stage at different times, multiple treatments are necessary for each area that you desire hair removal.

Most patients generally need 8-10 treatments, at specified intervals, to achieve the desired hair removal. The texture of your hair, the area to be treated, frequency, and history of temporary measures to remove hair such as waxing, tweezing, shaving, etc. all impact the number of required treatments.

Laser hair reduction benefits those who are looking for a permanent solution to unwanted hair. Shaving, waxing, and creams are all temporary methods that you must repeat frequently. Laser hair removal offers a permanent hair reduction solution. Treatments are affordable, gentle, and fast!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who typically benefits most from laser hair removal?

Men, women, and nonbinary individuals of all races can benefit from laser hair removal at Laser Beauty Works to eliminate unwanted hair. Common areas for hair removal include the hairline, face, lip, chin, earlobes, shoulders, neck, back, chest, arms, underarms, abdomen, buttocks, pubic area, bikini line, legs, hands, and feet.

Can you tell me how much laser hair removal costs?

At Laser Beauty Works, the cost of laser hair removal varies depending on the specific treatment area and package. We offer flexible payment plans to accommodate your budget. Additionally, your first consultation with us is free of charge. Visit us to discuss your personalized treatment options and get a quote tailored to your needs.

What are some common laser hair removal side effects?

Most patients do not experience any side effects. The most common side effects are slight reddening and swelling similar to a sunburn. Normally, these side effects do not last more than a few hours.

How can I get started with the best laser hair removal near me?

The team at Laser Beauty Works is passionate about creating a smooth process for our clients. If you’re ready to start looking and feeling your best, schedule a FREE first consultation with us. We can’t wait to meet you!

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