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Best Skin Treatments By Season

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Best Skin Treatments By Season

Best Skin Treatments by Season

Let's face it, we all want beautiful skin year-round! However, just like our daily skin care routine, it's important to switch up our skin "treatment" choices based on the time of year, climate and individual lifestyle.

Laser skin resurfacing and medium-intense chemical peels are treatments that typically require more downtime and recovery can take anywhere from 7-14 days.  During this time, it is essential to avoid any direct sun exposure so you do not risk any negative side effects such as hyper-pigmentation, hypo-pigmentation or healing complications. This is why these treatments are generally better suited for Fall, Winter or early Spring.

Microneedling is a great choice for overall skin rejuvenation all year round.  It's effects are comparable to laser and chemical peels but with a fraction of the downtime.  You can enjoy a glowing complexion in just 24- 72 hours.  Microneedling does not make your skin more photosensitive, however it's important to be diligent with your sunscreen application in order to protect and maintain your beautiful skin.

Other non-invasive skin treatments that are great for summer (and all year long) are microdermabrasion and dermaplaning.  These medical -grade exfoliation treatments (with zero to minimal downtime) remove dead skin cells from the surface and leave your skin looking refreshed, glowing and smooth. Adding a Vitamin C serum to your daily morning routine can also create a lightening and brightening effect on the skin and help protect it from environmental toxins.

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