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Denver Laser Genesis Treatment

Laser Beauty Works uses the Laser Genesis skin care treatment, for the latest in non-invasive skin care treatment. Treat wrinkles, fine lines, pores, uneven skin texture and reduce scars and redness. Each treatment will provide consistent results without bruising, excessive irritation, or other unwanted side effects. At our Denver med spa, you will experience how a high-end medical spa provides the very best treatment from experienced skin-care technicians.

What does the Laser Genesis treatment feel like?

Relaxing, enjoyable, and therapeutic are common terms our patients use to describe the treatment. A gentle warming sensation on your face is what you can expect from the laser treatment. Activities can resume immediately, so long as you use sunscreen for any outdoor activities.

What are the normal areas for treatment?

Most of our patients experience excellent results over their entire face or neck. We will sometimes recommend the Laser Genesis treatment to reduce scars or other imperfections on other parts of your body. Talk to our professional technicians about their suggestions.

How does the Laser Genesis treatment work?

Laser Genesis enhances collagen growth and reduces redness. The treatment heats the dermis to provide the desired results.

How many treatments will I need?

We recommend 4-6 treatments for optimal results. Because your condition may vary, so will the number of treatments that we recommend. Patients should contact us for specific recommendations.

What are typical Laser Genesis results?

As the treatment progress, the Laser Genesis treatment will restore your youthful glow and appearance. Imagine smooth skin, reduction in skin damage or scars, and the reduction of minor skin imperfections. Individual treatments are subtle, but the overall impact of six treatments can be dramatic. Your skin will glow with a creamy, healthy appearance. The Laser Genesis treatment is a favorite of celebrities before a big event for a reason!