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Sublative Rejuvenation with eMatrix

Sublative Rejuvenation with the eMatrix is a procedure which uses radio frequency energy that is precisely delivered into the skin in the form of a matrix.  Healthy, “untouched” skin surrounding these dots helps to accelerate the healing process of the skin.  Post treatment, collagen is regenerated and healthy skin cells are produced.

Benefits of Sublative Rejuvenation with eMatrix

Sublative Rejuvenation can help improve a variety of superficial imperfections of the skin’s tone and texture.  Patients can expect to see a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, acne and traumatic scarring, and stretch marks.  Overall skin quality is improved, revealing a much smoother and even complexion.

Are there any risks and side effects from Sublative Rejuvenation?

Before the procedure, a topical numbing cream is applied on the skin for approximately 30 minutes.  This minimizes any discomfort during the treatment.  Expected side effects are a “sunburn” appearance and possibly swelling after the treatment, which can last from several hours to a few days.  Although very unusual, these side effects can last up to a week.  Prior to your treatment, all potential risks and side effects will be discussed with you by your licensed medical provider.

How will I look after the treatment?

Most patients have redness (a “sunburn” appearance) and swelling for a few hours up to a few days.  You may apply makeup the day after your treatment.  Tiny crusts develop and are present anywhere from 5-14 days, but these are quite easy to camouflage with makeup or even without it after the first day or two.

How many treatments will I need to see results?

Sublative Rejuvenation treatments are most effective when done as a series of treatments, with at least 3 treatments being done at 4-6 week intervals.  The amount of treatments really depends on your skin’s condition.  Patients will continue to see improvements develop, becoming more and more noticeable 2-6 months after your series is completed……..with continued improvement and results occurring up to 9-12 months later.

Can this be combined with other treatments?

Sublative Rejuvenation can be combined with Sublime, which is known as the E2 Treatment.  The Sublime is for tissue tightening.  We can combine the Sublative and Sublime treatments together to get the maximum improvement in texture and firmness as well as a reduction in skin laxity.  The typical rejuvenation schedule for this combined treatment is once a month for 3 months.